April 29th 3PM I SVA Theatre Silas I 333 W 23rd Street

We are thrilled to announce that “Once in a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Story” will have its World Premiere as part of the TriBeCa Film Festival.  All the details can be found on the Tribeca Film Festival website.

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Poster Design

The Heads of State
Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers
Art Direction Scott Kmiec

Check out our poster art from the Heads of State design studio. Their designs have been requisitioned by The New York Times, R.E.M., Wired, Wilco, The New Yorker, The School of Visual Arts (though neither Jason nor Dustin are graduates), NPR, American Express, and Los Angeles Magazine amongst many others. As a director it was fascinating to see how they translated the film into their medium and which images resonated with them. With the art direction of Scott Kmiec and the animation skills of Colin Hesterly this design will come alive in our title sequence.




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Synopsis – Once in a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Story

Public School 22 in NYC has more than just an amazing chorus, they have an amazing story. These 5th graders went from performing in their school auditorium on Staten Island to closing the show at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards! It all started when their dynamic and caring teacher Gregg Breinberg starting posting videos of their performances on YouTube. The videos went viral captivating viewers from your house to the White House (where they performed for President Obama) with the students’ pure love of music. Celebrities and Indie Rockers alike started flocking to the elementary school to visit and perform. Then, at their annual Christmas concert they got a surprise visit from Oscar Co-Host Anne Hathaway who invited them to perform at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. With unprecedented access our crew follows them from the hallways and streets of Staten Island to the Red Carpet and backstage at the Kodak Theater for their big Oscar performance. Back stage drama combines with homesickness as the 10 year olds navigate the world of the entertainment elite. The drama culminates when the chorus director and the producer of the Oscars broadcast clash over creative differences and half the chorus looses their voices screaming at Disney the day before the big show. This documentary is an inspiring feel-good story that shows us children have a lot to teach about music, and that a talented teacher can teach his students the most important lesson of all; within themselves is the power to do anything.

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PS22 Chorus Documentary

We are putting the finishing touches on our upcoming documentary about the PS 22 Chorus.

More information coming soon. In the mean time you can follow us on twitter for the latest,
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Once in a Lullaby: PS22 Chorus Documentary

and check out this amazing improv from chorus members Denise and Azaria who are featured in the film.

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Watch We Love You

In the Rainbow spirit of free sharing we have made We Love You available under a creative commons license. Burning Man is now a household name but the older, more fascinating, Rainbow Gatherings are still obscure. Every summer since 1972 thousands of people co-create a temporary city deep in the wilderness of our national forests. This isn’t a music festival, people are there to practice anarchy and hippy spirituality. The “main event” is an elaborate prayer for peace on July 4th. We Love You documents the 2008 Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming. The Rainbows’ peaceful ways are challenged when federal agents charged with monitoring them shoot pepper spray projectiles into the children’s’ area of the gathering.

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NY/NJ Press for We Love You

We received wide coverage in a variety of media outlets in connection with our screening at the New Jersey Film Festival.

The Star Ledger New Jersey’s Newspaper ran a an excellently writen feature by reporter Jennifer Weiss.

The New York Times felt we were a noteworthy entertainment option across the river.

Brooklyn Vegan THE influential blog on the Brooklyn scene did a nice feature on the screening and Rainbow in general.

The Asbury Park Press, Trenton Times, Courier News
(front page), Home News Tribune (front page), and the Bergen Record did a huge three part feature which also focused on director Jonathan Kalafer’s work as a teacher at Dickinson High School in Jersey City.
Teaching . . .
In depth Q&A . . .
Story . . .

Issue Oriented features a podcast interview with director Jonathan Kalafer. There is an interview before it so you might want to fast forward about half way through.

The Daily Targum The Daily Newspaper of Rutger’s University ran a nice story about the screening.

Reality Sandwich covers a wide range of interesting subjects and found us interesting enough to cover.

Rutger’s Focus part of the official Rutger’s University website did a nice story on alum and director Jonthan Kalafer.

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We Love You Trailer

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Soprano State

Envelopes of money exchanged for political favors. Cash paid for back-door deals. Construction contracts handed out for those who bribed elected officials. Sound like an episode of “The Sopranos”? Worse. Welcome to New Jersey, where politics and corruption go hand-in-hand.

The documentary takes viewers on a wild ride of political power and corruption that started when New Jersey was still a colony. The film exposes elected officials who ran on platforms promising to end the very practices they now find themselves behind bars for. The real organized crime in New Jersey is committed by the politicians.

The film features interviews and commentary from the attorneys, politicians, federal prosecutors and journalists who witnessed it all. The film is narrated by Tony Darrow, who has played in a variety of films, including The Sopranos and Goodfellas.

More at sopranostate.com

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About New Jersey Pictures L.L.C.

New Jersey Pictures is an award-winning independent documentary production company in New Jersey.  Our last documentary “Once in a Lullaby: The PS22 Chorus Story” premiered at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival where it was counted as one of  Indiwire’s “most anticipated films” and was featured on WNYC’s Soundcheck program. Past films include “We Love You”, which premiered at the L.A. International Short Film Festival, where it won the “Best Documentary” award. It also won “Best Short Documentary” at the New Jersey Film Festival, was a finalist in the U.S.A. Film Festival, and screened at Telluride Mountainfilm Festival.  ”Diary of Immaculee”which made the official shortlist for an Academy Award® nomination and was part of the One X One program at The Toronto International Film Festival® and “The Soprano State” which had theatrical release in New York and New Jersey.

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